Savings Saving facility offered by the Sevaka Anyonyadhara Sangamaya.
  • You should be a member of the Sevaka Anyonyadhara Sangamaya and the Co-operative Savings and Loans Society to start a saving account.
  • To get the membership of the Co-operative Savings and Loans Society (child society of the Sevaka Anyonyadhara Sangamaya) you have to buy minimum one share.
  • Value of the shares that a member has bought considered as the savings of the member.
  • Sevaka Anyonyadhara Sangamaya calculates number of shares, interest for the shares, profit and issue detailed letter annually for each member who has bought shares.
  • A member who has bought shares can get upto 90% of their savings without providing guaranters.
  • Member can close his/ her saving account and withdraw the savings any time with a notice to the Chairman at least one week prior to the date he/ she needs to withdraw the savings.
  • Value of a share is Rs. 100/=.
  • Maximum number of shares one can buy is limited to 200 shares.